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DCWC Nepal (Develpment Of Children And Women Centre)

Windhorse Imports support this Nepal-based charity building schools and hospitals in remote areas of Nepal. This charity was formed in 2000 by Akka Lama in Kathmandu to improve the conditions for the poor in Nepal. With the help of contributions from the UK, Czech Republic, USA and Switzerland, this charity has already completed more than 22 school building projects in Nepal. We recently visited a new hospital also built by the chartity. The fifteen bed hospital has only been operating a few years, but has already done remarkable work, bringing medical treatment to an area where previously there had been none. Indeed, the road to the remote village had only been completed four years ago. With the building of the hospital, the charity also brought electricity connection to the area. The hospital also has an on-site pharmacy and cottages where people, who have often travelled long distances, can stay overnight. On the day we arrived, there had been over a hundred and fifty people arriving to be treated. All are treated free of charge. The charity hopes to extend the hospital to 50 beds quite soon, but funding is a constant concern and donations are urgently required. They also require donations of equipment and drugs. The DCWC is administered by volunteers who do not take a salary, therefore all contributions go directly to helping those in need. The DCWC also runs numerous womens literacy programmes in remote areas.



For more information about the work of the charity and information on how to donate or get involved with these projects we recommend you visit the DCWC website www.

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